Thursday, September 26, 2013

Just want a safe way to share Youtube videos with your students? is your answer!

One of the newest ways that I've tried giving my students access to extra resources is through Youtube videos.  Many of my students are visual learners and they need to see something in order to make a meaningful connection.  The problem is that Youtube has ads and a lot of unwanted stuff for the classroom and will help you remove all the unwanted clutter and leave you with exactly what you want.

Safeshare works on both computer and mobile device platforms, even allowing you to download the video as an MP3 or MP4 file format.  All you have to do is paste the Youtube video link, hit the Generate Button, and Safeshare will do the rest.

It's been great when I wanted to do a Flipped Classroom unit, where I could post the video on an LMS (Edmodo, Schoology, etc) and know that it's safe for students to be viewing.  I can also download the file and give it to students on a memory drive or mobile device if they don't have internet at home.  Let me know if this site helped you and your classroom in the comments!

~Jeremy Cooper



  1. I really like this, Jeremy. I've used some different Chrome extensions before, but I like how you can use this to generate an entirely different link for the video to post on your site. Then, when students are watching outside of school you can be sure you aren't giving them a link that may contain something you wouldn't show in class. I'm sure we've all watched a video on YouTube and seen commercials, related videos, advertisements, or comments we wouldn't want popping up in front of the class!

  2. Jeremy,
    Your blog post is exactly why I love reading blogs - meaningful, useful tools that I can apply to multiple situations in learning. YouTube is too valuable a tool to be hidden away from our students. Unfortunately, it all too often is for fear of what they might stumble upon. It's teacher like you who are making it work even in the current administrative stand that too much access is not worth the risk.

    Thanks for the tool and motivation!

  3. Jeremy thank you for highlighting this resource it is something I can see myself utilizing in the future.

  4. This is obviously an important resource. Look at your colleagues' reactions. There is another similar site:‎