Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gamification - Using Second Life: Taking a Tour

For Quest #5 of my Second Life gamification experience, I chose to follow the "Games of SL" tour.  It took me to many different locations, that all revolved around the idea of being able to play games within the game of Second Life.  My favorite place on the tour was the Center for Games and Simulations, as it had some information within it that was interesting to me, and it also seemed to be the most up-to-date.  Frootcake is another location that I spent a lot of time in and took a lot of pictures of some of the different areas in which you could participate.  Most of the games required a large group, so I was only able to interact with a few of the games designed for small groups.  I participated in a few of the games with another student in class, Ian.  You can see some pictures of my tour down below as I went to all of these different locations listed in the tour.  I can see where this would be a fun way to take a class on a trip around different creations and see what they think about the various locations and the items within the world.  It's also kind of fun to explore the idea of a "game within a game."  It makes you think very introspectively about how the actual game world works, if you were to go and design a game or world for this Second Life Platform.  I would say the biggest downsides of my tour as I went through, was that many of the locations didn't work anymore, or had been drastically changed from their original intent when the tour was created.  I also ran into a lot of locations not allowing me in because I wasn't on the person's "Access List."  Even with a few shortfalls, it was still interesting to see how you can link locations together and distribute them from a list.

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  1. I like how you approached this quest. Yes, unfortunately there were a few links that had changed but it sounded like you found some good places. I noticed that all of your photos were from the back. You can turn the camera around to the front by pressing on Option/Alt and using your right/left arrow keys. Try it.